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Sunday, October 18, 2015


I had gotten a letter from the school stating that they had received my application and I would hear a decision in the beginning of October.
The beginning of October came and went. The schools website states that deposits are due October 12. (Thanksgiving Sunday) On the 14th, I called the school just because I hadn't heard anything either way.

The lady I spoke to advised me that I was showing as ineligible. She looked into it a little further- she stated that I didn't have a chemistry mark. I definitely not only had a chemistry mark but I got it through the same school that I am applying to. She said she would look into it and call me back.

She called back 2 hours later- They found my mark! A+ with honors. The person that needed to recalculate my mark wasn't there that day. She was going to be off for the next 2 days but told me to call him the next day. I waiting till Friday. He hadn't heard anything about it. He checked the system while I was on the phone and seen that the mark was uploaded that morning. He recalculated my score right then and there and said "Oh wow, you will definitely get an offer. You will see your offer on Ocas by Monday"

Whooo hooo!!!

I checked like 5 times after that to see if it updated. Then I checked at 2am and there it was....
(Apparently someone uploads offers a 10 pm on a Friday night)

My offer has been accepted and now I need to figure out what my next steps are.

School starts in 2.5 months.
I was just promoted about 2 weeks ago at my job and am a half week shy of turning 29.
It is a very weird feeling. I am so happy I was able to get the offer in before turning 29- but just being promoted I feel so bad. I also really am regretting the conversation that I am only going to be able to work afternoon shifts. Right now I am actually working a schedule where I could actually still go to school and not effect work at all (besides being exhausted). If I say nothing, there is a good chance that I would be able to make it through the semester with out it ever getting in the way but of course I need to tell them. In which case, they will not be happy at all.

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