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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to school at 29! - Hopefully.

I have been working towards this for years. To be able to say that I am applying to post secondary school to be a nurse.

When I was in high school I wanted to be a Doctor. I have wanted to be an OBGYN since before I can remember until a teacher told me that I would never become a Dr. and would not even be able to be a nurse. This literally ruined my self confidence. I already had pretty severe social anxiety. I was so scared to fail that I didn't even end up graduating high school.

I left high school and became a Chef, a pretty damn good one at that. Every single time that I heard of someone being an RN, LPN/ RPN or PSW, I would be so envious. I wanted to be anything in the medical field. At this point I would have even just been a food worker in the hospital. The hospitals need a special course here to be able to work in them so I couldn't even do that.

After multiple different tries at online courses for upgrading and spending so much money, I kept getting stuck and giving up.

I found a program that is recognized by the college that I want to go to that offers all of the courses that I need for free. You just have to finish them in a certain amount of time with a good grade. If not then you don't qualify for the free programs after that.

I left high school with 27 of 30 credits. I did complete my literacy test and pass. I did not complete the community service hours (I did but like everything else I procrastinated and never got the paper work turned in)

I have since completed 5 courses. Each taking about 6 months and all with grades of 95%
Core Math
and am currently completing the 5th and final course.

Towards the end of August I was finally able to sit down in front of the computer and apply to RPN for January of 2016.

I highly doubt that I will get in because I still have one more course to complete and January has many less spaces available. All of the people that opted to take a semester off or that didnt get in to the September course have also applied for January. I am hopeful though. I have worked so long for this my one saving grace is that the way that the above courses work is that they are through the college of your choice. They will already have all of my grades and have followed me through my upgrades.

According to the calendar, all deposits (of $500) need to be in by October 12. That means that the offers will need to go out before that. Today we are the 17th of Sept. Sometime in the next 3 weeks I should find out whether or not I will be going back to school.

The worst part of this whole thing is that I have been trying forever to find out when to apply to January school and when you find out if you were accepted. No one knows, not even those that went to January starts. At this point it is just a waiting game.

The costs that I have incurred so far for applying:

-$107 for the application and transcript from my first college
- $12 for the second transcript because something got messed up with the first one and of course the only way for me to get it sorted was to pay again with out a refund. I didn't really fight them on it.
- $10 for the high school transcript that I had to pick up in person
- $15 to mail it with tracking to OCAS because I have had many items get lost in the mail

I need to get $500 ready for a deposit before Oct. 12 in case I actually get accepted. Which has been ready to go for a while but with the car purchase (view other blogs) and double insurance payment to start, I am going to be stressing about this next.

Now I just check every day on the site to see if I was accepted and check the mail box. Surprise- No one remembers how they heard that they were accepted.

I will let you all know when I hear from the college.

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